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The Annapolis Cotillion a New Beginning

young man in suit

The Annapolis Cotillion’s mission is to teach young people responsibility, respect, and proper etiquette in social events.


Basic ballroom dance helps to build self-confidence in young people and teaches boundaries. The goal is to teach traditional etiquette which in turn will put them at ease while interacting with adults and peers.  More importantly these skills will give young people confidence to handle any social situation.


This year’s cotillion will consist of six dances as well as etiquette lessons beforehand.

Always Say Yes to Dancing!

The Annapolis Cotillion was started in the 1950’s by Edith Lazenby and Mildred Duvall.  The tradition was continued by Betty Lazenby Richbourg, then Mary Louise Brice and Betty Huckenpoehler.

Betty Huckenpoehler began teaching the Annapolis Cotillion in 1960, and continued until her passing in 2015.

Ann Alsina assisted Mrs. Huckenpoehler beginning in 2011, and began teaching with the 2016-2017 season.  She received her ballroom training from American Ballroom in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Annapolis Cotillion committee reserves the right to cancel without refund, the subscription of any member whose behavior is inappropriate; or to expel those persons for an evening, whose attire is not in keeping with the spirit of proper etiquette.

Any parent interested in being a Chaperone please indicate available dates on the registration form.  Chaperones, please wear business attire.

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